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Vancouver Cycle Chic Indoors: Paul Boechler

I've taken VCC indoors this month and Paul's is the first of many upcoming Vancouver Cycle Chic Indoors portraits. I want to get a quick peek at who these chic Vancouverite riders are so that we can encourage more stylish riding and have something to read on these dreary dark days of Winter.

His name is Paul Boechler (pronounced: BECK-LER, not BOE-SHLAY) and he's a good friend and colleague of mine. We've had many a great ride together.

Fadermaster Studios (the first page that opens is quite worth it). He spends his days and nights at this beautiful little studio endlessly tracking, editing and mixing for all sorts of great Canadian bands. Some of the bands that have been through are Bend Sinister, Treelines, City of Glass, The Pack A.D., You Say Party! and tons, tons and tons more.

Brown IRO Mark V fixie, Brooks B-17, Orange Deep V's, Sugino cranks and MKS cages/straps.

Why he rides:
"I've always hated driving but I had to do it for work for a while. Once I was in a position where I didn't need a car it was kind of my revenge to sell the car and buy the bike I always wanted.

My work keeps me busy 99% of the time, so most of my biking is just commuting to and from work. But I need to be able to bike regardless of the weather and I find most of the time I ride in the early morning or late at night when it's raining the most, so I just needed something that I could pretty much put through anything.

The reason I bike is "technically" because I need a way to get to and from work, even when the skytrain isn't going. The ACTUAL reason why I bike is because I love it. It's great exercise. After being cooped up in a studio all day, biking is such a great way to get out and actually burn off some energy at the end of a long day.

Biking comes easy to me because (especially with a fixed gear), its just simple. You don't have to think, you can just zone out and pedal as hard and fast as you can. If you want to slow down, slow down. You want to go faster, pedal faster."

Piece of note:
"The t-shirt I was wearing today was from a band whose records I mix called Black Wizard, they are pretty rad and gave me an awesome shirt."

Location: Fadermaster Studios, East Vancouver