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Cars, pffft.

Location: Terminal, Main St. Skytrain, Vancouver


Gotta get the Slow Ones

Photographing cyclists who are on foot is my favourite because I don't have an autofocus lens. This lack of modern equipment reduces my chances of catching anyone going faster than 3km/h. If I do happen to get a great action shot, I don't even understand how it happened.

Location: Gastown, Vancouver



Double Twubble

Location: Cordova and Water, Gastown, Vancouver and The Blackfrog



The Clouds are Moving in

Fall is here.

Location: Commercial and Grandview, Vancouver



Look to Berlin

Photo by Jessica

Guilty! I don't have new photos. It's been hard; between people hiding away from the rain and my crap photo skills in cloudy skies, I can't get much. Rest assured, I am trying.

In the meantime, I'm very pleased to post some photos that my friend and fellow chic cyclist Jessica, contributed for the blog. She just returned from Berlin and took some photos with me in mind. I'm happy that she wanted to share these photos from Chic Berlin because it's a great reminder for me and--though it's not a post from Vancouver--it's all that we at VCC strive for.

For more Berlin:
Berlin CC
Copenhagen Cycle Chic (search "Berlin")

Location: Berlin



New Westminster

... I tell ya, New West isn't generally very highly spoken of. I, for one, have always had a soft spot for this city that happens to be very accessible by Skytrain from Vancouver. It's not hip yet but it will be. It is lined with some of the oldest buildings and streets in the GVA and is currently home to great little secrets such as Antique Alley, privately owned cafes and a HUGE Salvation Army that isn't pillaged by consignment cool-hunters. I bought my bike from an antique store for a very reasonable price here.

Today, I shared an elevator at the Skytrain with this gentleman who, upon quick assessment, possessed all the qualities I look for in Cycle Chic: well dressed and on a bike. His name is Nathan and he is a college instructor. Would it be shallow if I thought it kind of made sense? We chatted quick about shoes and I made off with some photos.

Pieces of note:
Bally shoes (Switzerland)

To work

Location: New Westminster Skytrain station



Bike Ride to YVR/Iona

We organized a giant group ride that included friends of all levels and all types of riding. we rode approximately 32km (ain't no thang). In as few photos as possible I think this describes how well the day went, but more importantly how well the day ended.

Location: YVR/Iona via Ontario bike path to Canada line bike path to YVR bike path then return to Gastown via Heather bike path.


10 Days of Summer

Photos by Victoria

Summer is coming to a close, folks. Fall is my favourite season--it's jacket weather!

I will roll out these archived photos anxiously as we count down the days. In the meantime, I will start practicing shooting in the rain and in cloudy conditions; keeping a sharp eye out for those brave ladies and gentlemen riding to work, to parties and to nowhere in great autumn outfits.

Location: Commercial, Vancouver




Photo by Victoria

I've gotten so I don't even think about walking anywhere, anymore. Remember the ancient art of walking? You mean, every step I take DOESN'T propel me 15 feet forward?

It's always nice when someone I know doesn't have a bike and I get to walk with them--it kinda grounds me. I do, however, secretly wonder when my next breakaway will come.

Location: Commercial, Vancouver



Rare Moments, Touches of Green

These green patches have been getting installed along the Dunsmuir bike lane. They are vibrant, look super great in photos and appear (to me) to be reminding people to stay alert in the intersections and stop at lights.

Saturday afternoon on a bike lane and I stood for nearly 15 minutes without a bike in sight to photo--sad, right? Not even a non-chic cyclist was in view. Then, the moment I got on my bike, these two blast by me in tights yelling, "I love you Andrew" or something like it. Then I pulled over to see what I can find. Finally, a cool group of cyclists come towards me and someone starts asking me about my camera so I'm talking, fumbling and trying to make it all work. Anyways, nice enough guy, I told him to check out the blog so, no hard feelings. Let's just say these shots capture a rare moment where the streets are busy with friendly people and the unnoticed chic cyclist goes by--and I caught it. That's almost the dream isn't it? "Cycle Chic" becoming "normal people doing normal things."

Location: Seymour and Dunsmuir, Dunsmuir bike lane.



After the Party, Central Valley

Coming home from a friend's bday; riding from Burnaby Metrotown area to Downtown, Vancouver at 2:30am. Had a few wobbly pops; did a few things we shouldn't have done. And here are the results.

Location: Central Valley Greenway, Burnaby to Vancouver



Interview: Founder of Cycle Chic

Here is an interview with Mikael Colville, the founder of the idea "Cycle Chic." He is the man who lets me use the trade name. He is also the voice of cycling normalcy.

In Copenhagen, you don't even think about cycling, it just happens, style or no style. But, in a lot of places where cycling is less conventional, Cycle Chic gives us something to aspire to.

You can find the original article at

This video was found on

Watch, enjoy and learn!



I Lost my Bike

And got it back!

In Vancouver, we can put our bikes on the bus on these pull-out rack thingies. Yesterday, I stupidly reached my destination, got off the bus and just plain ol' left my bike on it. After much calling and running around, I got it back! Here's how...

130pm: Put my bike on the bus, get on, pay, driver comments on my rims, I say: "Thanks very much." and I sit down in the back.

2pm: My lady asks me what I want on my sandwich as I exit the bus.

(Two hours later)

4pm: Coworker talks about her bike, it hits me: "Bike... Bus!... BIKEONTHEBUS!" I run to a phone.

410pm: Translink Lost and Found Department tell me that they will call me ONLY if the bike is turned in and only when they get a bike shipment next week. I sadly accept.

415pm: My lady insists I call Translink Customer Service so they can help me trace the bus route and what time it returns to the area. We find out when it comes back but we debate over whether someone would actually steal my bike off of a bus rack.

430pm: My lady insists I ask a driver at a depot about what happens to forgotten bikes and where my particular bus might be right now. They tell me "It just stays on the bus 'til the end of the day, then gets turned in; your bus is now turned into #3 and is coming up Marine and Main". After a few jokes about them keeping my bike, my lady and I drive off to search all the busses on Main street. I call work to see how things are going but my coworker is off work by now--and ON MAIN STREET. She says she'll keep an eye out.

5pm: ... "rrriing"... it's my coworker. "Does it have a white seat and nothing on the handlebars? I found it! The driver said it's been here all afternoon and belongs to no one so he let me take it!"

I was both happy she found it and unnerved that he let her take it. But mostly happy!

Location: All over Vancouver