Rare Moments, Touches of Green

These green patches have been getting installed along the Dunsmuir bike lane. They are vibrant, look super great in photos and appear (to me) to be reminding people to stay alert in the intersections and stop at lights.

Saturday afternoon on a bike lane and I stood for nearly 15 minutes without a bike in sight to photo--sad, right? Not even a non-chic cyclist was in view. Then, the moment I got on my bike, these two blast by me in tights yelling, "I love you Andrew" or something like it. Then I pulled over to see what I can find. Finally, a cool group of cyclists come towards me and someone starts asking me about my camera so I'm talking, fumbling and trying to make it all work. Anyways, nice enough guy, I told him to check out the blog so, no hard feelings. Let's just say these shots capture a rare moment where the streets are busy with friendly people and the unnoticed chic cyclist goes by--and I caught it. That's almost the dream isn't it? "Cycle Chic" becoming "normal people doing normal things."

Location: Seymour and Dunsmuir, Dunsmuir bike lane.



  1. The guy on the back of the bike in the first pic is Spandy Andy, English Bay celebrity http://spandyandy.com/

    Also like how you got the Regis in the picture. They reckon they're going out of business because taxis don't want to drop people off outside any more.

  2. I've definitely seen Spandy performances in the past. But thanks to you, I now know his name!

  3. I like the second pic on this post a lot. The green on the trees, clothes, signs, and light all come together in this shot, and the light is the icing on the cake!