New Experience

Hello, it's been a while. I've rebuilt the site and I hope you enjoy the new layout.

In a routine house-cleaning of my digital crap I found this amazing photo of my sister learning to ride a bike. I was teaching her to ride in the parking lot of the Vancouver Music Academy on my blue cruiser. I always think fondly of this moment.

I don't have a lot of winter pics because it's tough in my city to capture well-dressed riders. I do see them around, but whipping out the camera adds to the difficulty. In a quick look back at a summery time and a cool moment, and given my sites *newness*, I hope you like the photo.

Look forward to more big pictures.

Location: Vancouver Music Academy, Kits // d


Friday Friend Chic: Cole

Top photo by Janaya Taylor

This is my buddy Cole. A man of nature, music and all types of cycling. He is loud, funny and annoying as hell. I can always count on him for a bike ride, fun and making impulse bike purchases.

Location: Georgia and Granville (top), Main and 14th (above), Vancouver



Super Muscle Crazy Awesome Chic


Photo by Victoria

During a conversation, out of the corners of our eyes, we sensed what we thought was an everyday cycling person of less fortune. On closer inspection OF HIS LEGS we realized this was no ordinary person. Really stoked on this photo. Take that, Monday.

Location: Powell and Victoria, Vancouver



iPod Commercial Guy

It's not actually iPod Commercial Guy.

Location: Commercial, Vancouver