New Experience

Hello, it's been a while. I've rebuilt the site and I hope you enjoy the new layout.

In a routine house-cleaning of my digital crap I found this amazing photo of my sister learning to ride a bike. I was teaching her to ride in the parking lot of the Vancouver Music Academy on my blue cruiser. I always think fondly of this moment.

I don't have a lot of winter pics because it's tough in my city to capture well-dressed riders. I do see them around, but whipping out the camera adds to the difficulty. In a quick look back at a summery time and a cool moment, and given my sites *newness*, I hope you like the photo.

Look forward to more big pictures.

Location: Vancouver Music Academy, Kits // d


  1. I like the new layout! Looks great!

  2. Looks good!
    I thought you had banned me from your site for a while there...but you were just revamping!

  3. Like the new layout!

    I know what you mean about whipping the camera out. A few days ago I missed out on quite a few 'chic' cyclists.

    Nice shot of your sister learning to ride...I was 16 or 17 when I taught myself to ride...which I have been ever since :p