A Tough Close

She was all in a hurry and thoroughly uninterested in posing for me. When I told her it was for a fashion and biking blog she sighed and said, "Ok, as long as it encourages people to bike. Fine." Who is this lady and why isn't she working for me? // Location: Granville Skytrain Entrance // d


Dream / Kissing Crows

Dream Cycle (run by Darryn) is where I get 95% of my bike stuff. Darryn and Josh just started up Kissing Crows Cyclery and it looks to be about the same greatness: clean, stylish, quality and steel bikes. They want you to know that they've just started selling Firefly, Spot Brand and Civia Cycles. I must reiterate: stylish stuff in these stores--and that's hard to come by in Vancouver. // Location: Main and 30th // d


Long Time

Ran into an old friend. Lookin' good as usual: Allison Wonderland shorts, thrift store top and jacket and a necklace she made that's available at Dream Apparel, Twigg & Hottie and online at Etsy.// Location: Ontario and 7th // d


Friday Friend Chic: Steve

A biking buddy and one of my longest time friends, Steve, has ridden all over Europe and parts of the US on his roadie and once allowed me (and Kim's 80s Cramerotti) to join him on a ride to Seattle. What you see here is what you get while he's on the way to work or to a party. Here he is on his fixie whose frame curiously touts a weird old head badge by the name of Tiger. // Location: Between Ontario and Manitoba on 6th (or 5th?) // d