Interview: Founder of Cycle Chic

Here is an interview with Mikael Colville, the founder of the idea "Cycle Chic." He is the man who lets me use the trade name. He is also the voice of cycling normalcy.

In Copenhagen, you don't even think about cycling, it just happens, style or no style. But, in a lot of places where cycling is less conventional, Cycle Chic gives us something to aspire to.

You can find the original article at http://www.inframe.tv/filmProject.aspx?id=26.

This video was found on http://copenhagencyclechic.com.

Watch, enjoy and learn!



  1. My favourite lines:

    "It's not even about the bicycle; it's about YOU on the bicycle."

    "You dress for your destination; you don't dress for your journey."

    The beauty of such simple concepts is that while they may be foreign to many people today, they're so easy to communicate and pass on.

  2. and he's a calgary boy...

  3. That's right. You don't have to be stylish to ride a bike. It just helps.

  4. Agreed. For me, it's a vehicle for empowerment and a silent statement for cycling positivity.