I Lost my Bike

And got it back!

In Vancouver, we can put our bikes on the bus on these pull-out rack thingies. Yesterday, I stupidly reached my destination, got off the bus and just plain ol' left my bike on it. After much calling and running around, I got it back! Here's how...

130pm: Put my bike on the bus, get on, pay, driver comments on my rims, I say: "Thanks very much." and I sit down in the back.

2pm: My lady asks me what I want on my sandwich as I exit the bus.

(Two hours later)

4pm: Coworker talks about her bike, it hits me: "Bike... Bus!... BIKEONTHEBUS!" I run to a phone.

410pm: Translink Lost and Found Department tell me that they will call me ONLY if the bike is turned in and only when they get a bike shipment next week. I sadly accept.

415pm: My lady insists I call Translink Customer Service so they can help me trace the bus route and what time it returns to the area. We find out when it comes back but we debate over whether someone would actually steal my bike off of a bus rack.

430pm: My lady insists I ask a driver at a depot about what happens to forgotten bikes and where my particular bus might be right now. They tell me "It just stays on the bus 'til the end of the day, then gets turned in; your bus is now turned into #3 and is coming up Marine and Main". After a few jokes about them keeping my bike, my lady and I drive off to search all the busses on Main street. I call work to see how things are going but my coworker is off work by now--and ON MAIN STREET. She says she'll keep an eye out.

5pm: ... "rrriing"... it's my coworker. "Does it have a white seat and nothing on the handlebars? I found it! The driver said it's been here all afternoon and belongs to no one so he let me take it!"

I was both happy she found it and unnerved that he let her take it. But mostly happy!

Location: All over Vancouver



  1. i might have actually seen this bike beautifully displayed on the bus hahaha

  2. Oh man, I would be forgetting my bike on the front racks on a weekly basis. I'd have to stand at the front of the bus, staring at it, to remember to grab it when I get off.
    But that's just me...

  3. I rarely wait at the back. I usually do stand at the front staring at my bike so that I don't forget. Out of sight, out of mind!

  4. aah~ vancouver transit.

    that's a great story, though :)