New Westminster

... I tell ya, New West isn't generally very highly spoken of. I, for one, have always had a soft spot for this city that happens to be very accessible by Skytrain from Vancouver. It's not hip yet but it will be. It is lined with some of the oldest buildings and streets in the GVA and is currently home to great little secrets such as Antique Alley, privately owned cafes and a HUGE Salvation Army that isn't pillaged by consignment cool-hunters. I bought my bike from an antique store for a very reasonable price here.

Today, I shared an elevator at the Skytrain with this gentleman who, upon quick assessment, possessed all the qualities I look for in Cycle Chic: well dressed and on a bike. His name is Nathan and he is a college instructor. Would it be shallow if I thought it kind of made sense? We chatted quick about shoes and I made off with some photos.

Pieces of note:
Bally shoes (Switzerland)

To work

Location: New Westminster Skytrain station



  1. Glad to see the instructor has a bike helmet. Whether the bike helmet saves lives or not is irrelevant as it's a law here. Well-dressed (non-spandex) individual who obeys the laws is chic.

  2. Whether the bike helmet saves lives is EXTREMELY relevant. Any law that seemingly protects its citizens needs to be well founded and researched. Just because it's a law doesn't make it right.


    However, the instructor donning a helmet is ONLY chic if he chose, for himself, to wear a helmet for his own personal reasons, laws aside.


  3. Good luck bicycling without the helmet in BC with limited designated bike lanes(this isnt copenhagen yet). I totally agree about no helmet if we have 100% designated bike lanes. I just witnessed a "main street" kid cracked his skull in a bike accident outside the office. Sad but he might have a better chance of not cracking his skull if he were wearing a helmet.