Mad Dog and Powell Street Slim. Now You Know

On a date, I was reluctant to photo anything because I just wanted to not think of my blog for a day. My lady insisted I photo these two guys that rode past us on their cruisers, so on our way out from the beach I asked them for a few shots. Here is what I discovered:

Lesson #1: Blaine, aka. "Powell Street Slim" (bearded one) and Gary, aka. "Mad Dog" are Vancouver cruiser veterans. Any time you see hoards of cruisers tearing up the city you can bet these guys are part of it.

It was an honour to meet them since I started cycling by building up old cruisers and bothering the local cruiser guys at stores and on forums. I recognized these names and now I know who they are--and so do you.

Lesson #2: Listen to your girlfriend once in a while.

Location: Crab Park, Gastown, Vancouver



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