London Cycle Chic in our Midst

In Vancouver, you rarely meet an actual born 'n' bred Vancouverite. Most interesting things that this city has to offer is in some way influenced by the diversity here. Today, I met Neil, an ex-Londoner who works here in renewables. We chatted about music, bike culture and Yanks (in a good way). He brought Cycle Chic from across the planet to us and I'm a little embarrassed to think it is such a hot, new topic, but, hey, we're in Vancouver and we've got a ways to go. Thanks, Neil!

Oh, and I didn't bug him for a list of what he was wearing. I can tell you that he is rocking an original Jorg and Olif, though.

While you're at it, check out the real London Cycle Chic.

Location: Pender and Howe, Downtown, Vancouver



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