Giving thanks for somehow holding a bottle of wine and pulling my camera out of my bag and snapping these within 10 seconds of sensing these fine folks' presence.

Location: Powell and Victoria, Vancouver



  1. Great pictures.
    If it wasn't for Vancouver CycleChic, my impression of a Vancouver cyclist was always as follows:

    -High vis vest/jacket

    Seems like the cyclists you show are the exact opposite some in Vancouver want shown.

  2. Ryan, your impression of a Vancouver cyclist is pretty accurate. I've taken it upon myself to spotlight the rare few chic (ie. normal) ones. This fall has been increasingly difficult now that the summer-only-cyclists are on the busses and trains.

    I hope my blog can put the pressure on!

    Also, LOVE The City Cyclist.

  3. yes, your blog help. You do a good work at promoting "utility cycling",

    notice I was at the "Cities, Bicycles" event tonight, and David Byrne did a good job at promoting "utility cycling", but given the reaction of the audience at a question on the helmet law, there is lot of work to do in Vancouver:
    Here people believe overwhelmingly that biking= Helmet,Spandex and Hi Vis jacket...and is dangerous otherwise.