Fluevog Cycle Chic


Mr. Fluevog needs no introduction. The Vancouver style staple and internationally renown shoe designer was closing up shop on Water Street for the night when I nearly blasted past him. I waved quickly and he returned the gesture. I hopped off my bike to ask for a few shots for the blog and he happily accepted.

At this point I should add that I never knew what John Fluevog looked like. Standing before me was just an impeccably dressed photo opportunity about to embark on the only Pedersen Bike I've ever seen in person in my city. He was well dressed, upright on his bike and apparently without the delusion of helmet urgency that North Americans have become infected by.

I tried my best with the camera considering the lighting, but I am confident that I captured some serious awesomeness here.

Me: "And what's your name?"
John: "John Fluevog."
Me: "Im so sorry, I feel so stupid."
John: "Why? Don't feel stupid!"
Me: "But you're John Fluevog! I just didn't know what you looked like."

Check out the shoes here!

Leaving work.

Location: Water Street, Gastown, Vancouver



  1. I love the beautiful green shoes and the fact that Mr. Fluevog's entire outfit, including his bike, has green tones. Your photo's are great!

    My first pair of Fluevog's was in 1977 when he had a shop in Victoria. They were different, wild and wonderful. I still remember them.

  2. a pedersen!!! in VANCOUVER?! wonderful!

  3. He's riding a green Pederson bike, available at the Flying Pigeon Bike Boutique in Los Angeles, CA. I've rode it and it's really amazing, one of the most comfortable and fastest bikes I've been on so far.

  4. That's awesome on so many levels! So glad you stopped and got the photos!

  5. Saw the Fluevog exhibit at the Vancouver Museum last summer. Didn't know until then what a cool history that company has. Good to see he's a chic biker too.

  6. Just bot a pair of Fluevogs last week. I didn't know that he lived in Vancouver! Great style and great bicycle. i hope you don't mind if I share this on twitter?