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  1. And the helmets?

  2. • They discourage cycling by portraying it as abnormally dangerous-you are less likely to be killed in a mile of cycling than a mile of walking. (Wardlaw 2002)
    • Injured cyclists are less likely to have head injuries than injured pedestrians or car occupants (ONISR 2005).
    • They portray bicycle helmets as offering far more protection than they do-bicycle helmets are only designed to withstand minor knocks and bumps, not being hit by motor vehicles.
    • Countries that have penalised people for normal cycling (without helmets), have failed to reduce head injury rates despite increased helmet wearing rates.
    • The health benefits of cycling far outweigh the injury risks.
    • Reduced cycling reduces health and environmental benefits.
    • Reduced cycling reduces Safety in Numbers, thus increasing the risk of injury to remaining cyclists.

  3. Take a look at what this Brit study found.


    You and us here in Aust. are up against the same attitudes, and need to think of clever ways to open people's minds, the non riders, that is.

    I'm hoping my bike art exhibition, Nothing But Bikes, will bring cachet to stately cycling just as the cycle chic movement has done so with photos.

    Any help to promote Nothing but Bikes. Beauty in Utility, much appreciated


    More on my blog http://situp-cycle.com.

  4. In Vancouver the use of helmet is by law. But you can decorate your hemet and make it stylish and with class, that's chic too.

  5. Not all laws are well founded or properly reasoned. Just 'cause it's a law doesn't make it right.

    There's also nothing chic about decorating a crap hat that wasn't designed to do anything for you in the first place. You'll put yourself at risk and look dumb at the same time. Read my post here:

  6. The Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation is an excellent source of knowledge for those who believe in plastic hats. http://cyclehelmets.org