We're a bunch of friends who love style and bike riding. We think it'd be fun if these two things spent more quality time together.

Vancouver Cycle Chic began as a photo blog in 2010, documenting Vancouver's stylish people on bikes. The team registered as a society in 2012. It's also part of the Cycle Chic Republic — a group of blogs around the world that began with Copenhagen Cycle Chic.

After a lot of positive feedback about the blog, we decided to try our hand at other stuff, like events and films. Check us out.

Our Dream
We imagine a Vancouver where stylish people on bikes are commonplace. (Think Copenhagen, Paris, New York, Tokyo, Montreal, Portland.) Where people are comfortable on bikes.Where bicycles help us express our personal style and connect with our neighbourhoods.

We have a hunch that, although Gore-Tex is great for commuting in the rain, there's more to cycling in our city.

Getting on a bike can also be super casual, fun, and social. You don't need to be a "cyclist" to do it. Just hop on and go.

Here are some suggestions of things to do while on a bike:
  • Meet your friend for coffee
  • Go pick up kitty litter
  • Take a cruise around the sea wall
  • Ride to your hair appointment
  • Make a late-night poutine run
Whatever. We would love to see you riding a bike, is all. And looking damn fine while you're at it.


  1. Great site! And love the photos!
    Buuuuuut what's with the no helmets? I have an awesome bike (1970's dark green Phillips) and I like looking good on it but I also don't want brain damage. I've know many people who've been hit by cars in this city and have had their noggins saved by their helmets. I know they're not "chic" and most of the time look downright dorky, but it might be something you should consider promoting especially because in Vancouver, by law, you have to wear a helmet while on a bike.

    happy brains,

  2. Fantastic site! Everyone looks so beautiful in the pictures. This is EXACTLY why I love riding in this city!

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. It really means a lot to us! We work really hard to capture the beauty in biking.


  3. now lets see ya make helmets look cool....

  4. Hey there! Do you guys do photoshoots and or video projects? I'm a student at a local secondary school and I have been asked to produce a video that promotes biking to school. I was wondering if you guys are interested in helping?

  5. I second that about the helmets! You can be safe and look stylish at the same time

  6. Is there an email that you can be reached at?