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Introducing: Vancouver!

After too much deliberating over what my first post should be I settled on laying the blog's foundation by shooting a series of post-rush commuters on a popular, designated bike-road. My intention is to give you an idea of what the cyclists look like in my 'hood, East Vancouver. From here, I can begin to feature fashionable cyclists while knowing that I made it clear to you from the start that they are rare and awesome for it.

For this shoot, I'm planted in East Vancouver on the Adanac Bike Route, kitty-corner to Casa Gelato. It's in a very old part of town with factories, character homes and an eclectic mix of people with varying incomes. Here, without regard to style, bike or odour I shot 30 cyclists one after another like ducks (and many had the look of a deer). Why 30? Because I learned in my statistics class that 30 random people is representative of a chosen population--or something. That said, I actually only shot 24 because by shot #25 someone blocked my awesome spot with their car. Furthermore, I only ended up editing 21 shots because a few came out super crapulous. I added the vignettes to give my shots the feeling of peeping like a creep.

As you can see, the cycle-scape that evening was quite "meh" overall. Lots of helmets, lots of unnecessary gears, no zazz and no outfits to get wet about. I must say, the cycle wear appeared very whatever-is-in-my-closet-and-clean which is nice to see--I guess. I get a nice feeling from this series, but I credit the pink wall for that.

Now, we can really get started! On to the next post.



  1. I can't wait to see more!!

  2. glad to see someone took the initiative in vancouver. next time i'm on the coast we should go for a ride. ;)