Some Coffee on Commercial Drive

(Photo by Victoria)
Suicide shifters make this stylish fellow even more stylin'.


I was so stoked to do my second post but I forgot my hard drive and card reader--bah! Instead, please take in these great shots a fellow Cycle Chic lover and contributor gave to me. She was next to me at a cafe on The Drive. She is a lovely photographer and fashion freak. Look for more of her on this site in the future!

Location: Commercial and 3rd, Vancouver



  1. I'm pretty sure those aren't suicide shifters

  2. I've been told the down tube shifters are "suicide" but I have also heard the old seat tube shifters were "suicide." In fact, I've heard cyclo brake levers referred to as "suicide."

    I think it's fun for people to tag everything old as suicide even though many of us still ride these hundred year old bikes that do the trick safe n sound.